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Recipe and Image Usage

Thanks for your interest in our content! We spend many hours developing recipes for this website. Recipes are cooked and tested multiple times, tested again, and finally photographed and published once we’re happy they’re up to the high standards we have on

Accordingly, everything you see on is copyrighted and owned by Rebecca Stephens, the owner of this site. If you steal content, we will take further action – and have done so in the past.

That said, please feel free to use our images and content within our Recipe and Image Usage Policy, detailed below. You don’t need to obtain our specific permission if adhering to the policy.

Recipe and Image Usage Policy

  • One photo per recipe may be used.
  • With the photo, you must include a link to the recipe on
  • If a recipe is used in a blog roundup, you may use a photo as part of a social header/collage image – but it must not be the only photo used in the image.
  • You must not reproduce the recipe ingredients or method.
  • You must not use our photos to advertise your business, product or service.

If you’d like to use content in other ways, please contact us. Note that we never give permission to reproduce photos, ingredients and methods (i.e. a whole recipe) in their entirety.

Examples of Permitted Usage used our Slow Cooker Sausage Casserole recipe in one of their roundups: linked to our Slow Cooker Steak Pie recipe in a roundup, as well as featuring our photo as part of the social collage: