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Slow Cooker Club started as a place for us to record and share slow cooker recipes that we’ve enjoyed as a family and with friends. Over time the site has grown, and our costs have increased.

To keep Slow Cooker Club running, and help pay for our monstrous grocery bills, the website is supported through advertising, affiliate links, and sponsored posts.

Affiliate Links

This site is supported through the use of affiliate links. This means that we’ll recommend products that we use, and will earn a commission if you make a purchase through one of these links.

All of the products we recommend are products we actually use in our kitchen.


We participate in an advertising network that displays ads throughout the site. We control categories of ads that show up on Slow Cooker Club (hey, we’re a family site!), but we do not have control over every single ad.

If you come across something that offends you, please let us know and we’ll report it to our adverting network.

Sponsored Posts

We may work with companies and brands to create sponsored content, for which we receive monetary compensation and/or free products in return.

All thoughts, opinions, and recipes created in these posts are those of Rebecca and Dave, and we absolutely will not promote products unless we back them 100%.

All sponsored content will be clearly displayed at the beginning of each post.