Slow Cooking doesn't always have to be slow! There may be times when you want to speed up a recipe, perhaps you decide at lunchtime you want a slow cooked dinner? What about if you want to slow a recipe down, for example if you want to leave something on whilst you're at work?

Adjusting Slow Cooker Recipe Times

With our handy guide you'll be able to take any slow cooker recipe and adjust it accordingly!

It's pretty simple. Find the recipe's recommended cooking time in the table below, and simply look left or right, selecting the column for the heat setting that you wish to use.

Cook on Low Cook on Medium Cook on High
4 - 6 hours 2.5 - 4 hours 1.5 - 2.5 hours
6 - 8 hours 4 - 6 hours 3 - 4 hours
8 - 10 hours 6 - 8 hours 4 - 6 hours

Most slow cooker recipes times can be taken as a guide, and will always vary depending on the cut of meat used, the ingredients used (e.g. the amount of fat in the cut of meat that you have), and the brand of slow cooker that you own.

Good luck!