We're constantly excited by the inventive ways that people use their slow cookers. When we heard that people were making drinks in them we thought "that's pretty cool..." When we heard that people were making alcoholic slow cooker drinks, we thought "HELL YEAH!" Now don't get us wrong - we love the classic slow cooker recipes, but cracking out the slow cooker and filling it with something that's guaranteed to get the party started? Can't think of anything better, personally!

Slow Cooker Hot Cranberry Toddy

Nothing beats the smell of mulled wine as you sit down in a pub next to an open fire, or the smell of a coffee with a good slug of whiskey in it as you slowly start to forget it's winter and that it's hammering it down outside (hic!)...just like it is as I write this.

Smushy back-story aside, let's get down to the good stuff. We've trawled the internet so that you don't have to:

5 Alcoholic Slow Cooker Drinks You Must Make This Winter

  1. Slow Cooker Mulled Wine - A classic winter drink that you absolutely have to make if you have a slow cooker. The smell, the taste, the warming feeling you get when you've had a few glasses (otherwise known as 'feeling tipsy') - you simply cannot go wrong.

  2. Winter Sangria - We love how ridiculous this recipe sounds, and love even more that the base ingredients are two bottles of red and a good slug of brandy. The recipe is in American measurements, but is very easy to convert - just remember that 1 cup = ~225ml.

  3. Slow Cooker Irish Coffee - Coffee and Whiskey, two of life's great things, combined with a bit of slow cooker action. This one is great to have on the go at ANY time during winter, and can easily be adjusted for taste and volume.

  4. Slow Cooker Hot Cranberry Toddy - If there's two things guaranteed to keep a man happy, it's meat and whiskey. This allows you to make a seemingly winter recipe, whilst still having a good slug of whiskey in to get that lovely burn on the back of your throat.

  5. Bourbon Citrus Sipper - Another hot drink with Whiskey (are you sensing a theme here?!) - sugar and spice really, in this case, does make everything nice. Again an American recipe, so remember your cup/ml conversion (1 cup = 225ml).

So there you have it - if that doesn't seem like good use of your slow cooker, then nothing will!